Energy Crises: Yes, they say we produce less electricity and demand is growing… Do you believe that! They can kill bugti, hundreds of children in red mosque, thousands in suicide attacks, and millions in man made disasters and incidents, …but have no courage to build new dams or plan well in time for backup? Ask all planners for last 4 decades for reasons and justifications, make them accountable and bring to justice, rehab existing resources and make new dams. But, and it is a big BUT, we need to develope indegenious technology to crop the biggest energy source of all times everywhere accessable in Pakistan, and thats solar renewable energy. Just have a look at the innovative Stirling Engine (A mechanical engine – no costly solar cells, can be built by any mechanic in town workshop once technology/design available, cater your all energy needs for 70+ years with no or little maintenance and no carbon emission), once developed it will harness the nuclear energy (emitting from sun) for your household to the factories and offices.

Economy Crises:

Economy Crises: It is ridiculous that they say and keep on saying and we believe that “every pakistani citizen is liable for a such such amount of loan payment”. It is like someone take loan using your identity card, use it and ask you to pay”. A rough estimate of assets of our homeland devided by 200 million estimated polulation results in 200 million pak rupees which is individual share of every citizen. SO if someone say you to pay the liability or quit country, just ask who took the loan, where is that money and okey give me my share of citizenship and I go.

Same is with our tax money, we, the poor miserable peoples of Pakistan pays tax whole life which is stolen every year by a minority of theives and devided happily, through several tactics, and if some poor citizen get into crises, loss his home or job or business, no tax takers come to rescue, instead they (police, courts, beurocracy) snaches whatever left on his coffin as one becomes weakened, like wolves.

Solution; 1. Abolish all duties and taxes, apply direct tax of say 100$ per month to every citizen, but all poor’s tax will be paid by those who owns them (mill owners, farm owners, business men etc etc, whom these common men benifit from their hardwork) so 200 M x 1200$ = 240 B$, enough for everything. 2. Nationalize Gold and issue bonds instead, need very honest govt. and control & security and detach currency with dollar, once gold is on backing of rupee, Rs. 1 = 1$. What else you need to revive economy!

Solution; Pakistan has everything, one example is Reko Diq Gold & Copper, its 5th largest in the world, and we were selling it for peanuts! It is enough to feed 200M for more than century, educate them, make them healthy and to stand with pride among other nations of the world.

Iliteracy: It is root of all evils in Pakistan. We are deliberately kept ignorant since decades by the minority in power so that; 1. we donot know our rights 2. we donot know our assets 3. we believe whatever we are fed by media and the corrupt beurocracy & politicians 4. We donot believe in our number and power an…d afraid of being an individual citizen, vote the opressor 5. we donot demand liberty and freedom, 6. we cant see behind the smoke screen.
Solutions; Quality unbiased equal education be given on priority  allocating 20% of annual budget to it, primary to higher education levels, and no one willing to study at any level be refused on basis of quota or limited seats.

Ten (10) major internal problems our country is facing are following;

Economy Crisis
Energy Crises
Justice System
Food Shortage
Corruption & Political Instability
Health Issues:
Overpopulation, Inflation, Unemployment

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